8 Things natural gas fireplace owners should know

Nov 2, 2017 by Énergir in At home
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Having a natural gas fireplace is like inviting a friend over; a friend who is always there to comfort and entertain you. Pretty and easy to use, it emits less particles than a wood fireplace.

However, it is important to fully understand and take care of this new guest, and make sure it is always welcome in your home. Below are eight simple tips to make the most of your natural gas fireplace and to extend its lifespan.

1.Choose it well

If you are planning to install a fireplace in your home, take the time to assess the different models to find the one that best suits your needs. Self-sufficient, insert, small, large… there are as many models as there are personalities and rooms! You could even install a natural gas fireplace outside on your patio to enjoy those fall evenings even longer.

2. Install it carefully

In order to work well, your fireplace must be installed properly. It is often a good idea to hire a certified installation professional. Once it is properly connected, the fire dance may commence!

3. Never use it to cook

Resist the temptation to use it to grill sausages or cook marshmallows. Your gas fireplace is not a camp fire! It is there to provide warmth and comfort, to be admired, not to test your cooking skills.

4. Maintain it

While your gas fireplace will not get covered in flakes of ash, it must still be kept clean. Wipe down the fake logs with a soft cloth to remove soot. Use a vacuum to remove dust, especially at the beginning of the cold season or if it has not been used for some time. Lastly, clean all glass parts, such as the flame protector and doors . To ensure you maintain your fireplace properly, read more about how to do so.

Avoid chemical products. Instead, use warm soapy water or a product intended specifically for fireplaces. Ask your installation professional for recommendations. Also set a reminder on your calendar to perform a complete inspection once a year.

5. Do not place objects on it

Nothing prevents you from decorating any shelves around the mantel and the floor around your fireplace. However, don’t succumb to the sudden urge to decorate its doors or place objects directly in the flames or near the burners. Your cast iron gargoyle might stand up to the heat, but it has no place in your fireplace!

6. Watch the little ones

Never leave young children unattended near a fireplace. They might want to place their little hands on the glass or play with the remote control, if there is one. Always close the glass doors and keep an eye on your pets. Certain small animals like the heat so much that they will sometimes get too close to the flames or doors, which are pretty hot!

7. Program it

If your fireplace is equipped with a system that allows you to program it, use it. Programming times when you want it to turn on or off will ensure it isn’t running for nothing, especially if you leave it on at night before falling asleep. This also helps avoid wasting natural gas, which will save you money.

8. Replace the remote’s batteries

If your fireplace came with a remote control, replace the batteries whenever you replace those in your carbon monoxide detector. Even if you don’t use the remote very often, it is important to ensure it works in case of an emergency.