Énergir in the community: a sustainable commitment

Nov 29, 2017 by Énergir in Community
Located in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Canada, Énergir’s head office is far from the reality of downtown Montréal. Here, our team exists in the heart of a neighbourhood that provides us with a daily reminder of the importance of pulling together and being aware of inequality to better alleviate it.

The energy of hope

For several decades, Énergir has been investing and getting involved in the community by actively supporting organizations and growth-generating projects that benefit the lives of citizens and communities, particularly through its Community Investment Policy.

Choices that are in line with our realities

Our donations aren’t just given out randomly. Our selection process is based on Énergir’s policy, which favours organizations and initiatives that are:

  • Located in Québec, specifically in the communities where its employees work, i.e., around the company’s head office and business offices
  • In line with Énergir’s vision, mission and values
  • Related to education, health, culture, environment and social and community causes

Solidarity in action

In recent years, Énergir has supported many organizations, projects and activities like Quartier Nourricier, a community greenhouse, Soupe pour Elles, FitSpirit, (throughout Québec), Y’a quelqu’un l’aut’bord du mur, Sentier Urbain, SOS Vélo and many more.

Employees who care

Through its Atout cœur program, Énergir also encourages and supports its employees’ commitments to the causes that are important to them. This program, which includes the annual Christmas basket campaign, gets employees involved through volunteer work and donations to help make a difference in the lives of people in need.