Supporting healthy lifestyles for four years now!

Jul 24, 2015 by Énergir in Community
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Keep active and eat healthy: we all know the drill. But successfully transforming our good intentions into healthy habits that are seamlessly engrained in the whirr of our busy lives can be a feat unto itself. So, for the past four summers Énergir has been giving its employees the boost they need to inspire them.

There’s nothing like peer support to help you meet a health challenge and get you feeling physically and mentally your best. This challenge is focused (you guessed it) on adopting healthy exercise and eating habits.

In 2012, we at Énergir began actively encouraging our employees, as the quality of their personal and professional lives matters to us. This is how our Each Minute Counts program—whose fourth season got underway on May 26—came to be.

To us, it’s not a matter of preaching. From the start, our goal has been to create a joyous individual and collective wave of mobilization that runs from late May to early October.

Every year there’s something new: workshops, a badminton tournament, and stretching and aerobics classes are just some of the activities on offer since 2012. We also strive to ensure ongoing and extensive visibility of the program through a range of unifying initiatives: Web calendar of activities, information capsules, discussion forums, videos and much more.

 Each Minute Counts marries the best of both worlds: a wide variety of information and smart ideas accessible to everyone, with the freedom to choose what appeals to you the most. Everyone therefore sets their own objectives for the number of minutes of physical activity they aim to do each week.

Our watchwords: pleasure, sharing, motivation, pride. It’s the best way to inspire all our employees, including senior management, to invest in meeting the challenge they’ve personally set for themselves.

In 2015, we reflected on the experience and feedback gained over the past three years to make additional key improvements to the program and all that surrounds it. For the first time, we also addressed the healthy eating aspect; hence the theme Each Minute Counts… in healthy eating too.

Keeping active and eating well: you can’t have one without the other in a winning health strategy. Physical activity therefore remains a core feature of the program, but a host of new initiatives will now be based on the nutrition component in order to help our employees make wise meal and snack choices. Once we realize that eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing pleasure, and that, in fact, delicious healthy food options abound by the thousands, it becomes a lot easier to make the right choices on a daily basis. Incidentally, Énergir subsidizes the cafeteria salad buffet all year long to encourage its employees to opt for something nutritious.

Pleasure, sharing, motivation, pride: Énergir’s sincere wish for all those who have the good fortune of being part of its large team.