With natural gas, SMEs are in business!

Jan 8, 2019 by Énergir in At work
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Do you own an SME? Are you looking for new commercial space, or planning to move your business soon? Do you know about the benefits of using natural gas? They include high performance, comfort, sustainability and safety—in addition to helping you cut costs! These advantages can certainly help you to gain a competitive edge. Here’s how…

Technology at your service

With recent technological advancements, natural gas offers businesses high energy efficiency regardless of their size or their type of business operations. In other words, with natural gas, you can do more with less:

  •  If most of your energy costs are attributable to heating your offices, consider equipment such as a condensing natural gas hot water boiler or a condensing natural gas unit heater—they modulate their power to produce just the right level of energy to heat your business space the way it needs. Using these appliances helps you to minimize energy losses, and that means your bill goes down.
  •  If your processes require high temperatures, high-performance equipment like a natural gas steam boiler is an excellent choice. This type of boiler quickly produces large volumes of steam at a far lower operating cost than other solutions.
  • If you need to heat large ventilated spaces and keep occupants comfortable, natural gas infrared heating systems are by far the most effective solution. They combine the rapid heating of natural gas with an efficient method of heat transmission: radiation. Suspended from the ceiling, high-intensity infrared heating units are perfect for open spaces with high ceilings, whereas a low-intensity unit transfers heat directly to people and objects without wasting energy on heating the surrounding air. For production companies, this type of appliance can also be used for industrial applications, such as drying papers or moulding plastics.

Energy efficient natural gas appliances can also be incorporated easily into a LEED environmental certification project, as a supplement to other energy sources.

 Comfort worth its weight in gold

Natural gas also stands out for the comfort it provides—it produces a gentle, even heat without drying out the air, which is constantly being filtered and circulated to remove airborne dust. Some systems can also incorporate central air conditioning and even an air humidifier, for optimal well-being 12 months of the year. Providing comfortable spaces is important for a company’s employees as well as for its customers.

Invaluable peace of mind

Efficient technology and comfort aren’t the only arguments in favour of natural gas. It’s also a safe and reliable energy source. Énergir distributes its non-toxic, non-corrosive natural gas through its supply network, which is monitored 24/7. In Québec, more than 205,000 customers use natural gas every day, including numerous businesses and SMEs, and as these case studies attest, everyone benefits from it in their own way.

Lower costs, stronger growth

With natural gas, you can achieve considerable savings that add up over time. In fact, it is up to 40% cheaper than electricity and oil and its price has remained stable for many years and should continue to do so in future, according to the forecasts. Reducing your operating costs will free up cash for developing your business. Speaking of savings, discover 6 tips to save energy in production companies.

To top it all off, a wide range of grants are available for businesses looking to buy high-efficiency natural gas appliances. And if you are planning to carry out energy-efficient renovations, or implement innovative natural gas energy solutions, you will also be eligible for grants. One more reason to consider natural gas for your business!