Energy efficiency: Doing more with less

Nov 29, 2017 by Énergir in Energy
Efficacite Energetique

What is energy efficiency? Very briefly, it means consuming smarter and consuming less. Énergir is a pioneer in the field: we were the first energy distributor to issue a global energy efficiency plan in 2001 to share ways to optimize energy consumption with our customers.

Results by the ton!

Since then, the company has contributed to over 120,500 energy efficiency projects, in collaboration with our customers. The result? A reduction of nearly one million tonnes of greenhouse gases, double the consumption of all our residential customers since 2001!

Over 20 energy efficiency programs

Énergir takes concrete action every day by creating innovative solutions that we propose to our business and residential customers to help them reduce their energy consumption, save money and cut down their GHG emissions. Énergir offers over 20 energy efficiency programs. Here are a few examples:

Water heater and condensing boiler grants

Énergir’s business and residential customers can receive a grant to purchase an energy-efficient water heater or condensing boiler. The amounts offered reduce the difference between the cost of these devices and their standard equivalents. Because they are more effective, these water heaters and condensing boilers save money and also improve the users’ comfort.

Smart thermostat grant

The thermostat is the “brains” of a heating system. Since heating alone represents 64% of the energy consumed by Québec households, an efficient thermostat can clearly make a considerable difference in your energy bill. A smart thermostat can control your heating and air conditioning system remotely through a web portal or a mobile app, so you can adjust it to the needs of the occupants, providing you with flexibility, comfort and savings. For example, you can use it to warm up rooms before you get home or reduce the temperature in the bedrooms after a certain hour.

Solar air preheating system grant

This grant of up to $200,000, which has been offered to Énergir business customers since 2003, encourages businesses to purchase and install a solar air preheating device that uses thermal solar collectors. This high-performance system generates free, renewable energy and reduces GHG emissions.

Innovations program

This program for big businesses fosters the development of new technologies and promotes the innovative use of existing technologies with promising energy efficiency potential. The grants can cover as much as 75% of project costs, up to $25,000 for an experimental project and $250,000 for a demonstration project.