Apple cores are jam-packed with energy

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You already know about solar, wind and hydro power, but did you know about the energy in your brown bin? That’s right—organic waste can be converted into energy! In just a few steps, you can make a delicious apple pie using renewable natural gas that was created from your food waste.

1. It all starts with the apples!

The first step is to peel and cut the apples.

2. The organic waste goes in the brown bin

Toss in the apple cores alongside chicken drumsticks, banana peels and vegetable peelings.

3. Ready for a quick truck ride?  

Municipalities collect organic waste and some send it to a biomethanation plant.

4. Next stop: Biomethanation plant

Your brown bin is emptied into a biodigester, which is like a giant stomach. This enormous vat contains microorganisms that break down the waste. The result is biogas, which is then purified into renewable natural gas.

Nothing is lost

The microorganisms also produce a solid by-product called digestate, which can be used as a fertilizer.

5. Now you have renewable natural gas… 

This clean energy is added to Énergir’s gas network. Therenewable natural gasis then able to travel to people’s homes for use in fireplaces, heating systems and stoves.

6. …to bake your apple pie! 

It’s time to put the pie in the oven. Thankfully, the apple cores have been transformed into energy. Bon appétit!

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