A natural gas school for learning an exciting trade!

Sep 15, 2016 by Énergir in Energy
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Every year at the École de technologie gazière (ETG) in Boucherville, dozens of employees and natural gas stakeholders get ready to start classes at Énergir.

The ETG first opened its doors in 1960 at the initiative of certain employees—employees with foresight and a sense of commitment: hardly something new! Today, the ETG offers a full range of training programs tailored to the natural gas industry. Its teaching services are offered to a diverse clientele and address the specific needs of students, companies and public safety actors.

Unique facilities

What could be more useful during training than a hands-on opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge! At the school, students can handle more than 250 different types of gas appliances typically found in households and businesses. In addition, there are a number of state-of-the-art laboratories, as well as facilities to simulate routine responses and emergency situations. Last but not least, trainee firefighters at Énergir can practise extinguishing burning gas on a body of water—a practice ground like no other!
Such unique facilities along with rigorous, well-structured training contribute to ETG’s enviable reputation.

In the thick of it!

All of Énergir’s network maintenance technicians start their career with a stint at the ETG. Once accepted, applicants are welcomed, trained, mentored and paid while learning their trade. They receive theoretical and practical training over close to 18 months. Students alternate between a few weeks at the school in Boucherville and the same number of weeks in the field applying the concepts learned. Since students accompany experienced technicians in the field, they have a chance to learn and try out their newly acquired skills in real situations. This comprehensive approach enables students to learn new concepts, gain practical experience and validate their skills as they go along.

Throughout their career, technicians receive training on new procedures and return to the school from time to time to maintain the skills required for their job. Training is ingrained in the DNA of Énergir!

The École de technologie gazière: It could be for you!

Énergir is constantly on the lookout for hard-working and committed men and women who want to be our gas network maintenance and operations specialists. While it’s true to say that recruits of all ages from various regions of Québec have different experiences, they do have certain things in common; that is, their ability to learn, to work hard and to provide excellent service to our customers!


Marysol Beauséjour spent nearly 17 years in film and special effects but has been an Acquisition Technician since 2014, following 18 months at the ETG.


Mariève Farmer was working in the health sector when she decided to become an Acquisition Technician. She learned her trade at the ETG.


Philippe Thibodeau worked as a translator for 6 years before becoming an Operations Technician at Énergir. In addition to his initial training, he periodically attends the ETG for further training on the most recent procedures and response methods.